You Are Here For A Reason

GROW is a guide to help you find out how God uniquely made you and how you can plug into building His Kingdom with us. 

GROW happens every Sunday at 12:30pm in our auditorium. 

Before you attend please watch the videos below to walk through the 4 STEPS of GROW: Experience God, Find Family, Discover Purpose, Go Lead! If you are a part of our online community we’ve got you covered too.  Start watching now and register to attend GROW! 

Experience God

Come and experience what God thinks about you.

Find Family

Turn a crowd into a community.

Discover Purpose

You were made on purpose for a purpose.

Go Lead

Sign up to attend GROW in person on an upcoming!

Go Lead (Online)

If you are a part of our online campus you can still be a leader in our community!

Spiritual Gifts

Take a deeper dive into all of the different gifts God has wired within us.

You are uniquely wired and divinely gifted.
You were strategically born into this time of history.
You were strategically called to this city.
You are here for a reason.
And we’re glad you are.