Help make Red Rocks Church happen


We don’t just say “Welcome Home.” We mean it. Our Hospitality Team is filled with people who want visitors to feel welcome, comfortable, and loved at our church. From greeting to serving coffee to praying to keeping our church safe to helping someone find a seat or a parking spot, all you need is a smile and desire to make Red Rocks Church home for others to serve on this team!


Red Rocks Media encompasses Creative, Production and Worship and is a collaboration of gifts, talents and passions where we are all learning and eager to teach interested newcomers! We always say: We’re not just producing a service. We are setting the table for others to experience God. We’re not just creating and posting content. We are telling the story of our church. We’re not singing Christian karaoke. We are shifting the atmosphere, connecting the back row to heaven. Whether you are playing an instrument, running a production desk, directing a service, taking a photo, designing a graphic or posting a recap you are building our ability to have impact in lives in the room, in our city and around the world.

Red Rocks Kids

Want to experience the love of Jesus through a child’s eyes? Passionate about children? From Babies to 5th grade, Red Rocks Kids takes advantage of every opportunity to offer the love of Jesus to each child who crawls, walks, or is carried through our doors. We do this through comfort and play with our Babies and Ones, while our Twos through 5th graders experience age-appropriate large group programming with teaching, worship, video, and small group time.