Groups Ministry Lead

Position Summary

Provide leadership and training towards developing successful Group Coaches and Leaders and support Group Life Director. Develop and train Group Coaches and monitor their effectiveness. Train and develop Leaders to be effective in ministry and to maintain the integrity of the ministry. Shepherding, oversight and responsibility for all group members in Groups at assigned campus. Coordinate with Group Life Director on Groups Development events at multi-site. Work on routine to complex functions to support the vision and mission of the Group Ministry and objectives of Red Rocks Church.

General Expectations

  • Contribute to Red Rocks’ overall mission to making Heaven more crowded.
  • Commit to pursue full devotion to Jesus Christ.
  • Commit to adhere to Red Rocks core values to welcome home prodigals as well as striving for Authenticity, Humility, Unity, and Generosity as a staff member of RRC.
  • Uncomprimising commitment to work as a team with your department and across departments as one team.
  • Commit to the Matthew 18 relational conflict resolution process in all relationships.
  • Ability to inspire, teach and equip coaches, leaders, members & church-wide. Able to confidently and passionately speak to 1500+ or 10 people.
  • Reports to Campus Pastor as a staff member of that campus and provide care and follow-up with members when appropriate.
  • Reports to Group Life Director for specific department duties and fulfillment of those duties at their specific campus.
  • Commit to being in ongoing spiritual and leadership development groups within your department.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures as outlined in the Red Rocks Church Team Handbook.

Essential Functions


  1. Recruit new Group Leaders and Group Coaches to sustain a healthy growth trend to care for new Group attendees and to sustain the growth of the ministry.
  2. Recruit, Develop and maintain Coaches. The strategy and timeline is as follows:
    a. Lead a group to disciple and launch one new leader out of their current group by the end of one year.
    b. Meet with current coaches and building a recruiting and development team to help them identify other potential coaches from the pool of current Leaders.
    c. Assist in quality management and project support for the Group Life Director to engage with current leaders, fact-find and develop metrics to gauge effectiveness of the ministry for your campus.
    d. Assist with Group Life Ministry special projects.
  3. Meet with Coaches to ensure Leaders are meeting ministry objectives.
  4. Facilitate ongoing meetings with Coaches and Leaders that correspond with the multi-site calendar for Group Development (Strategic meetings for recruiting, marketing, promo, training classes, leader debriefs, grouplaunch events)
  5. Assist the Group Life Director with the leadership and direction of the ministry by contributing to strategic planning meetings and brain-storming sessions, contributing ideas, recommendations and concerns for consideration, including supporting the multi-site campus development of Groups.


  1. Schedule appointments to interview new Coaches, initiating follow-up and processing of new Coaches and interviewing new Leaders when necessary.
  2. Ensure all existing coaches and leaders under your care are leading in a healthy manner and apprenticing new leaders, ensuring that the process to become a new leader is clearly understood.


  1. Maintain proper databases on all leaders & coaches, ensuring they’ve completed all training and required paperwork to fulfill their job descriptions as Leaders and Coaches.
  2. Proper follow-through of updating the Rock management system with proper notes and developments of Leaders and Coaches.
  3. Proper follow-up with routine calls, emails and social networking sites for those looking to get connected to Groups or to get involved as a Leader.
  4. Awareness that Group Life Central will provide all basic training materials, promo cards and resources. However, the management, ordering and customization and printing of that material is the responsibility of each specific campus.

Hiring Requirements

  1. Follower of Jesus Christ, with proven leadership and discipleship skills.
  2. Demonstrated ability to utilize planning, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  3. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks and manage time effectively under the pressure of time constraints.
  4. Proficient verbal and written communication skills, be able to inspire 40 people or 1500 people to action, able to teach, moving them towards Life Groups and leadership involvement.
  5. Demonstrated Mac skills, spreadsheets, utilize social-networking tools (Facebook, Twitter) and document creation both PDF/Word.

To Apply

Please send your resume to James Keathley (Park Meadows Campus Pastor) at [email protected]

**The above is intended to describe the general content and requirements of this job.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.