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Take Home Faith

Shawn Johnson | March 08, 2020

Spending time in the Bible can be a challenging element of our relationship with God to unpack: do we do it out of guilt? Does it even matter if we read it? Shawn unpacks the “why” behind spending time in the Bible, and he reminds us that God WANTS to speak to us through His Word! Our time in the Bible doesn’t make God love us more or less, but it does allow God to speak to us in profound ways. Spending time in the Bible empowers us to build a strong foundation of faith and Shawn encourages us to 1) read it and 2) do it. ________ 167: TAKE HOME FAITH: Each of us has 168 hours in a week, and we get to spend 1 of those in church together each week. Following Jesus in your other 167 hours hinges on 4 things: God’s Word, prayer, worship, and God’s people.

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