Group FAQ

What is the primary way to get in a group?

Our primary way of getting individuals into groups is through our Group Launches. Group Launches happen three times a year, and this is a night where you can come and meet all of our new leaders, that are launching groups. You are able to walk around and talk with the leaders, and then sign up for the group that is the best fit! We strongly believe in our Group Launches, as we have seen great success in this method of getting people into a group. 

Can I go online to see the available groups?

Yes! We recently created our “Open Groups” list, in which any of our groups, across all of our campuses, that have room in their group, are on this list. This list is constantly being updated as groups fill up and come off the list, and as room opens up in a group, they join the list. 

Why are some groups “closed?” 

Groups only ever become “closed” when they reach capacity for the location where the Group meets. We allow the leaders to decide how many people they can manage in their own home. We are also trying to make sure each group can maintain a small group feel, so everyone can have a chance to talk and share, whereas when a group gets too big, people then don’t get to participate. 

How many people are in a Group?

The average size of our groups is between 12-15 people, with one or two group leaders. We do let our leaders decide how many people they would like in their group, and this largely depends on how many people their home can accommodate. There are plenty of groups that may be smaller, or slightly larger than the average. 

How long do Groups meet for?

Our hope is that our groups would continue meeting indefinitely! Some meet for a few semesters, others have been meeting for years.  However, with the leaders in mind and the group members that attend, groups meet in semesters.  This insures that a new person doesn’t have to feel they are joining a group for life, but that they can meet for a few months and have a great experience.  After that, people can decide to keep meeting, which is our hope.

This provides natural transition points throughout the year.  Every group is encouraged to take the summer off for formal group meetings.  

(The semesters are as follows: Fall: Sept – Dec, Winter: Jan – March, Spring: April –June.) 

What if I am in a group, and it is not a good fit for me? Can I switch to another group?

Life circumstances can change.  We understand that kids happen, commutes change, relationships change and work schedules can make staying in your current group difficult.  You are certainly allowed to find a different group at the beginning of a new semester. 

We encourage you to be prayerful in a decision to find a new group if there is relational tension. If there is an area of conflict with the leader or a member in the group that is causing you concern.  We ask every group attender to follow Matthew 18 and lovingly address this with whomever you need to in the group.  If you end up leaving the group, the hope is that there is healthy reconciliation with the leader or other group member.

We do not want people to become group hoppers, without any self-examination to see if we had a part to play in the conflict. Sometimes the Lord calls us to be uncomfortable, and stretched by those whom we would not normally gravitate towards spending time with. 

If I can’t get in a LG this semester, are there other ways to get connected to RRC in the meantime?

Absolutely!  Joining one of our weekend host teams, Kids Rock team or getting involved in many of the other ministries at RRC is an awesome ways to serve your church, and meet people while doing it! 

We also offer 20 different sports leagues, Recover Groups for hang-ups, habits and addictions, and a large variety of Red Rocks University classes throughout the year. You can visit the “Get Involved” tab on the website, to see all the ways that you are able to get plugged in. 

Why don’t you all have a Men’s, Women’s and Singles ministry at RRC?

We believe that we can most effectively reach and minister to the most people through groups.  As a church we can effectively touch the lives of men, women and singles in the context of small group community, instead of starting large separate ministries.  We do offer annual conferences for Women and Men.  

What happens if I can’t make it to a Group Launch?

If you can’t make it to Group Launch, we understand! There will never be a perfect time or a perfect day that everyone will be able to make it, and we get that. This is a huge reason why we decided to create our “Open Groups” list. Any groups that did not fill up at the Launch will be immediately added to the list!

Another highly recommended practice is asking a friend to find you a good group and sign you up.  We always meet a ton of people who do that if you are unable to attend.

Why don’t you allow groups to meet at the Campus? 

Due to the hundreds of groups that we have a Red Rocks Church, it is just not feasible to offer any of our campuses to house group meetings. We also have to always have a staff member present when the doors are open, so it logistically becomes very complicated very quickly. 

Do Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, I have heard both?

The majority of our groups meet weekly. We allow the leaders to decide how frequently they would like to meet, but as a Group Staff, we encourage leaders to meet weekly with their groups.  Some groups do have children and child-care every week can get costly, so there are some groups that meet bi-weekly. 

This is a great question to ask the leaders at the Group Launch! 

Can I just e-mail in what type of group I am looking for, so you can connect me with a group?

We certainly would love to hear from you! You are welcome to contact us. Most likely we will either direct you to the next Group Launch, the Open Groups list, or to getting plugged in elsewhere in the church! If you are looking for a specialty group (i.e widows/widowers, wives of law enforcement, etc), please don’t hesitate to ask if we have any of those. 

Why don’t you keep track of the days a group meets?

We let our leaders decide what days and time they would like for their group to meet on. With hundreds of groups here at RRC, it is logistically impossible to constantly keep track of the days and times that groups meet on, as it often changes for the groups as leaders need to adapt at times to their members schedules.

What kind of support and training do you all do to make sure leaders are equipped and vetted?

We require all of our leaders to attend two training sessions, complete a background check, as well as an interview with the Ministry Leader of the Campus. Every approved RRC group leader has been approved because we feel confident that they ready to be in a position of leadership. Once they are leaders, they are assigned a Discipleship Leader, in order to continue to foster growth and health in their personal lives and in the life of the group they lead. The DL’s serve as resource for the leaders. Leaders can reach out to their DL, or any LG staff at any time. 

All leaders also attend a Group Summit three times a year, to be encouraged, equipped and built up. This is an ongoing meeting of leaders that keeps leaders growing and developing as leaders.

Why don’t you have sports/affinity-based groups like running groups, skiing groups, knitting, or yoga groups? 

While it is great if groups attract people with affinities for sports or hobbies, we do not recommend our groups to be solely focused on an activity as their base for meeting together. You can imagine how difficult it would be for a member of a group like that to have an injury and then not be able to run, ski or participate in the group because of a physical limitation. 

If you are interested in building community while playing sports, we encourage you to check out our Sports Ministry, as they offer a ton of different leagues!  You can also become a leader in the Sports Ministry, they are always looking to add to the amazing leadership team. 

What do you do about childcare for groups?  Is that offered?

Childcare for groups varies and is up to the leader of the group. Some groups have rotated paying for a babysitter for everyone’s kids, some groups have older children that are able to watch them in a separate room, and some meet with their kids. Some groups will even have participants rotate to watch the kids in another room.  Another great idea is all the guys watch the kids one night, then next week, all the women.  It helps build community on the off weeks and allows the spouses to get focused time to talk about life.

What are the qualifications for being a leader?

We require every new leader at RRC to attend a two new leader training sessions. When you attend the two-session training, you will learn how we do Groups here at RRC.   

The first session have an opportunity to hear all about groups and officially sign up to lead a group. The second session will consist of helping you learn how to lead and navigate your group, talking about best practices, and hearing from other leaders about ideas to make your group the best experience it can be for you and the people who join you. 

All new LG Leaders complete a background check and will have an interview with a staff member before starting their group. To become a group leader we require that Red Rocks Church has been your home church for a minimum of six months, and you have been following Christ for a minimum of two years.

What does a Group Study?

All new Groups go through the “Weekly Study” which follows the current message series at Red Rocks Church. The LG Weekly is written by the pastoral staff each week and is available for download at The LG weekly is simply a tool that promotes conversation, deeper discussion, helps guide a group through the material and keeps groups on track. Sometimes getting together with a group of people to talk about God can be awkward. This helps smooth that out and keeps groups on the same page. Groups that have met for more than a semester can choose to continue using the LG Weekly, which we recommend and most groups utilize, however we do allow groups to do specialized and approved curriculum that might focus on an area that the LG Leader thinks is important for their group such as parenting, finances, dating etc.