Recover Reopening FAQs

We're So Excited to See You!!

You may have some questions ...


When and where will Recover meet?

Recover will meet at 6:30pm at our Littleton Campus starting Friday, October 30, 2020.

Are online Recover messages and zoom groups still available?

Yes! You can still watch our weekly messages through our newsletter and on our Instagram. Additionally, every Friday we will host a men’s and women’s small group online at 7pm. Click the appropriate button in our newsletter or the link in our instagram bio to join the zoom small groups.

What safety guidelines can I expect?

We will be following all county safety guidelines. Masks will be worn within the building and remain on during the service, but can be taken off during small groups. We ask that you follow social-distancing guidelines when entering and exiting the building, when checking in, and in all indoor spaces. We are using rigorous cleaning procedures to ensure that all of our environments are safe and sanitized.

Where is your campus located?

We know it’s been awhile, so if you need a refresher on where our Littleton campus is located, check out the address below:

Littleton Campus
9136 West Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO 80123