at Red Rocks Austin | 2022-2023


The purpose of the RRC Internship Program is focused on developing the call God has put on your life to pursue church ministry. Our goal is to then help deploy you towards the path God may be leading you. Through this process you will grow as a leader, a person, and as a follower of Christ. This program will provide ministry training and experience as well as leadership and spiritual development.

Applications are OPEN for the 2022-2023 program.

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Primary Areas of Development


Interns will leave this program with a full understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. We believe here at RRC, that everything we do is in vain if Christ isn’t the centerpiece. You will learn what it means to pursue God through prayer, the Word, and your personal life. As an Intern, we want you above all else to be intimately acquainted with the voice of God.


At the end of this internship our hope and prayer is that you become the best version of you. We will push you in your relationships, finances, time-management, communication, and abilities. We will constantly encourage you to identify areas in your life that God wants you to grow and work on.


RRC not only wants to grow you as a person, but we want to grow you as a leader. You will be given opportunities all throughout your internship to grow as a leader. Through responsibilities in your ministry area there will be intentional leadership development in the areas of attitude, conflict management & resolution, building & leading teams, program management, special event planning, and learning to communicate purpose & vision.


Throughout this internship program you will gain both ministry experience & knowledge. Interns will be a part of all departmental and church staff meetings. You will begin to learn the ins and outs of church and departmental ministry. You will learn what it takes to shepherd the people in your ministry as well as volunteers. Interns can expect to grow in whatever area of ministry they choose to intern with.



Creative Design, Social Media and Communication

The Creative Internships are collaborative positions that work in an open-office environment with all Creative team members to produce various assets for the church. The Creative Team supports all campuses and ministries from a central level. Creative intern roles include ministry support, weekend experience, large holiday services, special events (i.e. worship nights, baptisms, women’s conference, etc) and also entail running errands, building furniture, picking up apparel, etc. Above all, creative interns require a servant’s heart, the ability to take direction, be self-motivated, and have the ability to switch directions and change quickly. The emphasis of the Social Media and Communication internship is to help maintain, develop, support, and ultimately improve a Social Media presence and vision on behalf of Red Rocks Church. This intern must be familiar with all social media platforms, basic marketing strategy, external communication, and good with verbiage and constructing written content. He or she will work directly with the Communications and Marketing Team Lead to create and execute social media campaigns surrounding weekly communication and events as well as assist in writing verbiage for the website, app and other written pieces. The ideal intern must be articulate, have strong writing, spelling, and grammar skills and will fit and/or take on the Red Rocks voice.

Creative Video and Photography

Creative Internships are collaborative positions that work with Creative Team members in an open-office environment to produce various assets for the church. Since the Creative Team supports all campuses and ministries from a central level, Creative intern roles include everything from ministry support, weekend experience, large holiday services and special events (i.e. worship nights, baptisms, women’s conference, etc.) to running errands, building furniture/props, and picking up apparel, etc. The emphasis of the Video and Photography internship also includes participating in the conception, administration, collaboration, and production of visual content as well as engaging and supporting Creative volunteers. Creative experience (with photography and video specific skills) is always a plus, but above all, excelling as a creative intern is about the willingness to serve others with a teachable attitude. Project requests, deadlines and filming schedules fluctuate often which means interns applying for this position will need to maintain a flexibility that includes working outside of regular hours. This internship provides many opportunities to learn and grow in all aspects of the creative field!


The Red Rocks Groups Internship is focused on developing leaders for the sole purpose of making disciples of Jesus. Each weekend, thousands of people stream through the doors of every campus, sit in rows and are met by God’s truth and His great love. But what they do next matters most. We want to engage every person to live out the life to which Jesus calls His disciples. At Red Rocks Church, our leadership desires to make those weekend service rows into circles where people will grow in their relationship with God and with others. Each week, we have over 4,000 people meeting in homes as part of our Groups Ministry. Due to the number of people as well as those deeply desiring community, there is a need for constant new leadership development. As an intern you will serve in a high-level capacity alongside our Campus Groups Ministry Leads and Groups Team Lead. You will play an active role in developing and training new leaders, planning and organizing Groups events, as well as helping grow the Groups ministry here at Red Rocks Church.


Red Rocks Kids is multi-faceted ministry. From preparing small group activities to setting up rooms to building into volunteers to central and campus meetings to rehearsals and programming, everything is about what we call “the Superbowl.” That’s every weekend when over 1,500 kids arrive at all our campuses, a place where hundreds of volunteers serve and help kids to know and love Jesus. Thus the internship is equally multi-faceted. Interns who choose to be a part of Kids Rock will learn every aspect of this ministry and more. Our desire to is not only envelope our interns into the ministry but to do all we can to grow them in their respective gifts and in leadership. So come be a part of one of the most life changing ministries in the church.

Live Production

The Red Rocks Production Internship is focused on supporting technical arts needs churchwide. Interns will work under campus and central production staff in learning many aspects of production in audio, video, and lighting. Interns will assist in weekly services, big projects, upgrades, installs of equipment and learn to troubleshoot gear. Interns may also be given a chance to oversee the technical execution of weekend services. This internship supports the technical and creative side of execution for all ministries. This includes but is not limited to the Weekend Experience, Youth, Young Adults, MOPS, retreats, worship nights, baptisms, and special events.


Red Rocks Outreach exists to make Jesus known by creating compelling opportunities to love others through service. Each year Red Rocks Church partners with church plants and organizations internationally and locally to help meet the needs of their communities. As an Outreach intern, you will work alongside church staff to identify community needs and mobilize the church body to partner with existing organizations to resource and serve those needs in a local city context. Outreach interns will seek out, develop, and maintain relationships with designated non-profits, and help organize and lead service projects/opportunities. You will experience everything from behind the scenes logistics and project organization to praying, serving, and loving on those in all seasons of life. Interns are expected to be self motivated, organized, and people-oriented leaders who have a passion for outreach.

Serve Team

The Serve Team Internship focuses on the volunteer ministries of Red Rocks Church, which lead the weekend experience in order to make Heaven more crowded. This internship revolves around the Serve Team volunteers and week to week operations at each RRC campus. Aspects of this internship will include: volunteer management, volunteer event preparation, building relationships among volunteers, and event support for all-RRC events such as Christmas, Easter, retreats, and Baptisms. Interns are expected to be self-starters, problem solvers, and good with people. This internship will involve everything from nitty gritty details behind the scenes, to large-scale events for all of Red Rocks Church.


The Red Rocks Worship internship is devoted to the training, equipping and development of worship leaders. Interns will gain ministry experience at a multi-site church on a campus level. They will learn how to facilitate worship environments in a variety of avenues, ranging from Youth, Young Adults, and Weekend services. Red Rocks Worship interns will be expected to utilize technology to create connections for the congregation. They will learn in an atmosphere that values production, personal songwriting, and recording. Throughout the internship there will be many opportunities to serve the worship department for all events such as prayer nights, ministry events, writing retreats, worship nights, etc. Those who are chosen for the internship will grow in skill, technicality, spiritually, songwriting, efficiently leading volunteer musicians, and humbly serving The Church.


As a Red Rocks Sports Intern, you will be equipped to work within an area of the church that not only encourages spiritual pursuit, but does so through the platform of athletics. A couple of our core values include the administration of dynamic sports leagues, as well as serving the community. As an intern you will be given the opportunity to manage these events on your own, ministering to many of our unchurched participants. The Sports department runs leagues at night and on weekends. Therefore, a Sports intern must have a flexible schedule to run events outside of regular work hours.

Intern Quick Points

9-month Commitment
Work a minimum of 40 hours/week
Raise a suggested $5,000-$10,000
Suggested time of life: Ages 20-26

How Do I Apply?

If you feel God has called you to apply, please fill out the form linked below to start the process. Once you submit your information, you’ll receive an email with further instructions to complete your entire application including: application questions, resume, cover letter, one-minute video and two references.


How do I know if I should apply?

Great reasons to apply for this internship:

  • To gain hands-on ministry experience
  • To serve the local church through the “behind the scenes” details
  • To learn how to use your time and talents to glorify the Kingdom of God through the local church
  • To learn and discover where God is calling you, specifically, now that He’s called you into the ministry
  • To learn how to use the gifts God has given you within the local church and/or marketplace

It is not time to apply, if:

  • You are seeking full-time employment at Red Rocks Church
  • You are hoping to get to know the staff on a personal level
  • You want to create a platform for yourself
  • You are hoping an internship will be a means to help you figure out your life

Should I expect to get a job at Red Rocks Church at the end of the program?

No. The goal of this internship is to develop the call God has put on your life to pursue church ministry. Our goal is to then help deploy you towards the path God may be leading you. Interns should not plan to work at Red Rocks Church once the 9-month internship is over.

What is the suggested fundraising goal of $5,000-$10,000 for?

Interns are responsible for raising the funds needed to live off of for the 9-month internship. This money does not go to the church. Interns must consider their expenses and raise the amount of money needed. When putting together a budget consider car payments, health and auto insurance, meals, gas, housing, phone, etc.

Are housing and transportation provided?

Interns must provide their own transportation and housing.

Will I receive payment or benefits?

No. While internships are unpaid and interns aren’t offered benefits, interns gain valuable experience in church ministry.

Can I have another job or attend school while participating in the internship?

No. Interns are NOT allowed to have a job or attend school because of the interference with the ministry hours at Red Rocks Church

Is this a gap year program?

No. The purpose of the RRC Internship Program is focused on developing those who feel called to church ministry. This program is not to be used as a gap year. It isn’t for those who are hoping an internship will be a means to help you figure out your life. This is for people who feel called to church ministry and know it’s their next step.