For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

Rwanda Mission Trip

Red Rocks Youth | July 14-23

Where Are We Going?

Hope Haven is a primary school for local children in rural Rwanda. They love and teach their young students educational cornerstones for their lives and understanding of Jesus Christ. Hope Haven also extends their influence by offering employment opportunities to parents of students.

What To Expect (FAQ)

What about safety?

Life is about risks. Daily living in the United States is not without risks. While we cannot control what is happening in the world, we will do everything we reasonably can to minimize risks while on a short-term trip. We will also not shy away from participating in the lives of the people with whom we are ministering, which in some cases means entering areas that are more dangerous than our normal life here in the U.S. Each trip participant is asked to sign a liability waiver before traveling showing that they understand the risks associated with traveling abroad and that certain risks are out of our control as a church or as individuals.

Will I be able to contact my family or friends while I am on the trip?

Your trip leader will let you know if and how you will be able to contact family and friends while you are gone. In many areas of the world, internet and internet phone service are available, as well as SIM cards for cell phones. Your trip leader will want you to be fully engaged on the trip, but will also acknowledge the benefits of communicating in the moment to those back home.

How will I process the emotions and experiences on the trip?

Your trip leader will provide space throughout the trip for both personal reflection and team debriefs. You will also be able to spend time together after the trip where you will continue to share the impact that the trip has had on your life.

How do I pay for a short-term trip?

Short-term trips are expensive, but we believe that they are a worthwhile investment in your spiritual journey. With that in mind, we encourage short-term trip participants to pay for their trip through a combination of resources. We encourage each team member to ask for support from family and friends. You might be surprised how many people are not only willing, but eager to invest in you and your team. Your trip leader will coach you through the process of raising support.

What happens if something comes up and I can’t go on the trip?

If you withdraw from a trip or are asked to step off of the team, the funds you have turned in up to that point are non-refundable. You are also expected to still pay the portion of the trip cost that is non-refundable or has already been spent based on your participation on the trip (i.e. plane tickets). This amount will be determined by your trip leader. Individuals that experience a medical or family emergency that prevents them from participating in a trip can transfer the money that they personally contributed to another future Red Rocks Church trip, provided that withdrawing these funds does not adversely impact the finances of the trip in which they were originally scheduled to participate. The amount that can be transferred is the amount they personally contributed

What if I don't think I'm ready?

The prospect of going to another part of the country or world to do ministry is intimidating for many people. Short-term trips are often intense relational, emotional, and spiritual experiences and for that reason, we would agree that not everyone is ready for a short-term trip. If you are in the midst of a significant family trauma (i.e. divorce or a recent death in the family), or have other life circumstances that would prevent you from investing the necessary time and energy into this trip, then you probably aren’t ready.

Having said that, our experience is that most people are more ready than they think. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, the focus of our short-term trips is on creating opportunities for people to LEARN. We are not expecting you to change entire continents in two weeks. If you are ready to listen well, to learn well, and to do small acts with great love, then you are more ready than you think. Second, you have been created with an innate desire to serve others, and you have been given gifts by God that He wants you to use for that very purpose. So in a very real sense, you were born ready for this experience!

Short-term trips will definitely STRETCH you. If there’s reason to believe that a trip will stretch you too much, we will help you discover that through the application process. If you have specific reservations that you would like to discuss, please contact Andrew Zajicek at

For more information about Hope Haven Rwanda, click here!

Do I need any immunizations to go on this trip?

Yes! Each trip participant is responsible for scheduling and paying for their immunizations. Your trip leader will inform you of the immunizations required to participate on the trip. The Center for Disease Control’s website at ​​ ​is also helpful in determining what immunizations to get. Some immunizations require several rounds of shots so make sure you allow yourself time to complete the required shots in time for departure.

We recommend getting immunizations from the following sources:

1. A Personal Doctor

*This is the best source if you have insurance covering travel vaccinations because they will bill insurance companies directly, though this coverage is rare. Please note that personal doctors do not offer all travel-related vaccines (i.e., yellow fever is only available from travel clinics).

2. Passport Health
405 Urban Street, Suite #320 Lakewood, CO | (303) 442-8728

Do I need a passport?

Yes! ​All international short-term trip participants are required to have a valid passport. It is the responsibility of the trip participant to obtain and pay for their passport. The process of obtaining a passport takes some time, and team members should submit their applications at least three months prior to the trip. This is particularly important if your destination country also requires a visa for entry since you cannot usually apply for a visa until you have a passport. Current passport processing times are available at

Passport applications are available at local post offices or online. To complete the application, you will need several forms of identification, which are detailed on the passport application. In general, include a driver’s license, an official copy of your birth certificate, and two passport photos. Passport photos must be a certain size and identical. We recommend getting pictures at Walgreens, CVS or Costco because they are less expensive than other stores.

If you have lost your birth certificate, you can usually obtain an application for an official copy of your birth certificate from the state where you were born online. If you need to quickly obtain a copy of your birth certificate, we suggest you use the service ​at

How do I get a VISA?

Your trip leaders will apply for visas for the entire group at one time. The cost of obtaining a visa is included in your total trip cost. Please be aware that you usually need to have a passport before you can apply for a visa.


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