Help make Red Rocks Church happen

Red Rocks Kids

Want to experience the love of Jesus through a child’s eyes? Passionate about children? From Babies to twelve-year-olds, Red Rocks Kids takes advantage of every opportunity to offer the love of Jesus to each child who crawls, walks, or is carried through our doors. We do this through comfort and play with our Babies and Ones, while our two-year-olds through twelve-year-olds experience age-appropriate large group programming with teaching, worship, video, and small group time.


Everything you see and hear in a Red Rocks service is created and fine-tuned by our amazing Production Team. Running lights, a camera, translating content into French, and slides are all huge ways you can pour into our church. We strive for excellence in our services and the Production Team is essential in making that a reality.

Serve Teams

We don’t just say “Welcome Home.” We mean it. Our Serve Teams are filled with people who want visitors to feel welcome, comfortable, and loved at our church. From greeting to serving coffee to praying to keeping our church safe to helping someone find a seat or a parking spot, all you need is a smile and desire to make Red Rocks Church home for others to serve on this team!

Setup & Teardown

Red Rocks Brussels is a reality because faithful volunteers use their hands to build it each week. We are always looking for more people who are passionate about creating a welcoming space where people can come meet Jesus. From rolling in the cases, putting down safe flooring for kids, to setting up signage, our Setup and Teardown team makes our church come to life!


Brussels is a multicultural hub full of diverse talent. We are excited that our worship culture can collaborate with the skills and passion for music already present in this city. We would love for you to audition for the team to utilize the musical gifts you have to help people experience the presence of God.