Discipleship Guide

A practical guide to help you become more like Jesus.

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Featured Study

Welcome to the Family: A four-week video journey to become more like Jesus as you discover your life in the family of God.

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RRC Starter Pack: A 35 day devotional to help you get started! The time is now!

Transit Devo

Our 30 day Transit Devotional is all about moving closer to God and being transformed by the journey. We talk about how to read your Bible, how to pray, and how to deepen your relationship with God. 

The Red Rocks Discipleship Guide is designed to equip our church for the transformational journey of following Jesus. Developing a deeper relationship with God is a lifelong process. Our hope is that as you engage with this guide, you will know God in new ways, which will equip you to live on purpose as you change the world around you. We recognize not every resource or practice will be the perfect fit and that’s okay. Use what is helpful to draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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