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Red Rocks Church exists to make Heaven more crowded. We are ONE church in multiple locations. We desire to be a home for the prodigal, an authentic people, humble, generous, and unified. We want everyone to know the only way, the truth, and the life found in Jesus.

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A Voice in the Storm

Three years ago, a heart malfunction nearly killed John Shepherd. But an encounter with Jesus brought him the strength he needed to pull through — and live a renewed life. When John Shepherd opened his eyes in a hospital room about...

In The Waiting

The unknown was the toughest. Not all of my prayers have been answered in the way that I thought God was going to answer them. I had to let go of the outcome. I am choosing right now to walk away from that and to cling to the promises...


She had been saved from physical death, but her journey to sobriety and spiritual salvation was only beginning. In the middle of her darkest night, drunk and deep in despair, Becca slammed the gear shift into drive, floored the gas...

Aimee & Darren

“I thought romance was what you see in Disney movies, and there was a prince and a princess and they lived happily ever after. Well, that is not what we had - we had struggles, we had challenges.” “I knew I had to deal with the...

I’m Free

I mean, I'm okay, right? *Young Adults    




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Austin, TX
Launching Early 2019