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What is the tax benefit of donating appreciated stock?

Donating appreciated stock that you’ve held for over a year can allow you to save up to 20% in capital gains taxes and up to 37% in federal income taxes on the charitable donation value of your gift based on your tax bracket when itemizing deductions.

To understand the full tax benefits of giving appreciated stock, including potential state tax savings, please consult with your tax professional for information about your personal tax implications.

What types of shares can I donate?

You can give any publicly traded stock. By donating assets that have appreciated in value for more than one year, you are more likely to get the highest tax benefits.

Can I give through my 401K or IRA?

Because donors often incur penalties for withdrawing these assets before a certain date, we highly recommend consulting your tax professional before donating these types of assets. Donating 401Ks or IRA could result in major tax penalties or even fewer tax benefits than donating cash.

Can I give company stock outside the trading window?

If you received company-distributed stock as an employee and the trading window is not open, your brokerage will likely reject the transfer request. We suggest you ask your company for the trading windows and give during those time periods, which typically are open quarterly for 3 to 4 weeks at a time.

Making a bigger impact than you thought

Making a Kingdom difference doesn’t have to be a one-time experience.

There are many ways you can make an eternal difference in the lives of people both today and tomorrow, including many tax-advantaged ways to give. There are options where you can see the results of your generosity today while ensuring that God’s Church will have the resources needed to serve future generations.

You can help impact today by donating:

  • Set up Recurring Giving (recommended)
  • Cash or Check
  • Stock or appreciated assets
  • Personal Property
  • IRA distribution

The Advantages

  • These choices may provide tax advantages depending on the type of gift you make
    you qualify for an income tax deduction for your gift
  • In the case of appreciated assets and property, you may receive additional tax benefits and eliminate capital gains taxes if you’ve owned the assets for more than one year
  • If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a tax-free gift directly from your IRA

You can help impact tomorrow by:

  • Gift in your will or living trust
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Bank or brokerage accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Beneficiary Designation of IRA

The Advantages

  • Some gifts, such as a beneficiary designation of your life insurance or retirement plan account, can be completed directly through your provider and do not require the time and resources of involving an attorney.

  • Some choices allow you to allocate a percentage to family members as well as Red Rocks Church, to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and that you can contribute towards making a difference tomorrow.

  • As your situation changes, you can change your mind and adjust your decisions.

*The provided information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor.

Accountability and integrity are vitally important in every aspect of our church, and it’s no different when it comes to finances. We will always honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and transparency so that Red Rocks Church remains beyond reproach.

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