At Red Rocks Church, we exist to make Heaven more crowded by helping people know God, live on purpose, and go change the world. Through our Outreach ministry, we want to make Jesus known by creating compelling opportunities to love others through service. Join us during our yearly initiative called “Love Our City” where we strive to make as big of an impact as possible by being the hands and feet of Jesus within our local communities!

Three Ways To Get Involved

Serving Opportunities

Serve during the Love Our City initiative at Red Rocks Church to make a significant impact in our local communities by being the hands and feet of Jesus through compelling acts of service.

Love Your Neighbor

Put your faith into action by picking Love Your Neighbor Challenges to do this month. How many you pick is up to you! Join us in the Red Rocks Church App for the full challenge or download the pdf below.

This Week’s top three Challenges:


Today, speak a word of encouragement into the life of someone around you. Do you see a talent or gift in them that they have not recognized in themselves? Tell them what you see. Tell a family member all the reasons you appreciate them. Make a phone call, send a text, write a letter, leave a note, or tell someone in person. Whatever you decide, use your words to fill someone up today.


Create a care package for a friend or family member. Place it on their porch and text them to “Check their porch :).” Want to be anonymous? Ring and run!


  • Soup, Gatorade, a cute mug, and a note for someone who’s sick.
  • Chick-fil-A and a loving note to a friend.
  • A gift basket with note, a candle, and some of their favorite candy.


Spending intentional time with someone is one of the most loving things we can do. God has given you people to pour time and love into. Who might need your time and love most right now? Maybe it’s a close friend, your children, your spouse, a parent, or someone else. Spend today giving them the gift of your love, time, and attention.


If you would like to particiapate in Love Our City through giving, please select your campus below and be sure to select the “Outreach/Special Offering” fund.

Arvada, CO

Lakewood, CO

Littleton, CO

Park Meadows, CO

Austin, TX

Brussels, BE


(I do not attend a physical location)
Thank you for supporting Love Our City!