Child Dedication

Our next Child Dedication is scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2024!


Getting to help raise up the next generation to know and love Jesus is important! It’s here where kids can learn just that! Join our volunteer team to serve the families of our church on Sundays and become a Red Rocks Kids Volunteer.

Kids Camp

Kids Camp is a 4-Day Camp in the summer full of Bible studies, field-day activities, sports, games, snacks, worship songs and more all week long!


Who we Are

Welcome to Red Rocks Kids where every weekend kids experience a fun and exciting place. From the moment kids arrive, volunteers are ready to play and connect. Our babies and ones are cared for and our 2-year-olds through 5th graders experience age appropriate large and small group programming, where each week they learn to know and follow Jesus.


The youngest kids (birth through age one) in Red Rocks Kids get to be a part of a very nurturing environment that includes comfortable lighting, worship music and incredible volunteers who are passionate about your little one.


Toddlers (2-year-olds) will find themselves in a room with toys and games and volunteers who are ready to lead and teach the truth of God’s Word. Through simple worship songs, a short video and a Bible story, your Red Rocks Kid will begin to form a foundation for a relationship with Jesus.

Preschoolers (3-5 year olds)

PreK kids (3-5 year olds) will discover an inviting room that is filled with fun games and toys to be enjoyed and used to connect them with the volunteers. They’ll experience their first large group programming where together they’ll sing and learn motions to worship songs, hear a short teaching, and watch a video with Ollie the Owl who has a Bible story to tell them. Then they’ll gather in small groups to do an activity to help them remember what they’ve learned.

Kindergarten — 3rd Grade

K3 kids (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) in Red Rocks Kids will walk into a room that has been designed with them in mind. They’ll meet volunteers who are ready to get to know them through fun games and activities. Then it’s large group programming time where they’ll learn and move to energetic worship songs, hear from an upfront host, watch a Bible teaching video followed by small group time when they’ll do an activity and talk about what they’ve learned and how to apply it to their lives.

4th — 5th Grade

4th/5th kids (4th & 5th grade) in Red Rocks Kids will discover that here’s a church that knows pre-teens. The games and environment have been chosen just for them to encourage connection and engagement. Large group programming includes cool worship, Bible teaching and videos that speak just to them and small group times that invite discussion and discovery.

Special Needs

We want to remove barriers and equip children of all abilities to experience Red Rocks Kids. Our goal is inclusion, not separation. Children with special needs are paired with a trained buddy and can join their peers in their age-appropriate classrooms. We also have a sensory-friendly room available that has been adapted specifically for children who could benefit from a less-stimulating environment.

What is a Sensory Room?

With our special needs ministry, we want to provide a space that is intentionally designed for our kids with special needs. We know that classrooms can be overwhelming and overstimulating, so we have created space with modified curriculum to help lower stimulation where children and their buddies can take a break if needed. We have exercise balls, trampolines, swings and lots of other things to help kids feel comfortable. Please reach out to your campus Kids Pastor for more information about when our sensory rooms are available during services!

What is a Buddy?

Our desire is to make sure every child and family who walks through our doors feels seen and known. We aim for each child with special needs to have a one-on-one buddy so that they may participate in a typical RRK class setting. Our buddies’ roles are to help foster a trusted relationship with the child and family they are partnered with, so that they can help share the love of Jesus and their child is able to experience church in community. If you feel like your child would benefit from having a buddy, please reach out to us so we may find the best buddy for your family!

If you have a child or loved one with a disability, and feel that they would benefit from being paired with a Buddy, please CLICK HERE TO FILL OUR OUR INTAKE FORM. You will then be contacted by the Ministry Lead with next steps. *Please note: Special Needs is available at all campuses EXCEPT Arvada*

We look forward to partnering with your family!


Red Rocks Kids Volunteers are a rare and wonderful breed of people. Every week they show up and give their all to assure that each child feels and knows the love of Jesus. They learn quickly that Red Rocks Kids is not only about kids, but it’s also a place where they can use their unique gifts, in a variety of places: check-in, small group leading, worship leading, teaching, tech support, volunteer leading. The opportunities are endless and that’s why once people “try on” Red Rocks Kids, they keep coming back: because they want to be a part of making Red Rocks Kids one of the best ministries around.



Praying the Fruits of the Spirit

We believe you, parents and guardians, are the most influential people in your child’s spiritual journey. As a kids ministry, we want to equip you as with tools to pray for your kids as they start a new school year!


What can my family expect coming to Red Rock Kids for the first time?

Red Rocks Kids is a children’s ministry that aims to create an engaging experience where kids can learn to know and follow Jesus! You will be welcomed by our greeters at the RRK check-in desk, then you’ll be walked through every step of the process: From checking your kids in, to what they will be learning, and how to check them out!

What does the structure during service look like?

Your kids will be constantly immersed in a fun and engaging way that teaches them about the Word of God! They will hear a Bible story every week, plus participate in worship, games, and activities. Between all of that, small group time, and Godly discussions, there is never a dull moment in Red Rocks Kids!

I have a child with special needs. How does Red Rocks Kids ensure that they will feel loved and still learn about Jesus during service?

We want you to know that your child is MORE THAN WELCOME at Red Rocks Kids! In fact, we have been praying for your child! Red Rock Kids provides a “Buddy System” for our friends who need more one-on-one attention while still participating in all of the fun activities. Please reach out to so we can ensure your child has the best possible experience learning about Jesus!

I have a question, how can I contact you?

You can email us anytime at: