Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Every year, Red Rocks Church offers summer internships in various departments of our church. These internships are a condensed version of our 9-month program that is, for the most part, solely geared toward vocational development. If you’re looking to get a quick snapshot of ministry with a shorter commitment, this could be a good option for you.


SUBMIT All forms below no later than Wednesday, March 31, 2021:

    1.  Application Questions 
    2.  Resume – Include education, work, volunteer and ministry experience.
    3. Cover Letter – Explain why you think this internship would be a good fit for you.
    4. 1-minute Video – Explain why you want to join the RRC Internship Program
    5. References – Have two people who know you well (pastor, teacher, small group leader, employer, etc.) complete the online form.

Once all items are completed, we will contact you about setting up an interview.


Summer interns begin in May and must finish by Thursday, August 5, 2021. Within these dates start and end dates for summer interns are flexible.


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*Those who are selected to continue in the application process will go through a 2-interview process after the application questions, resume, cover letter, one-minute video, and all references have been received. We will be in contact with you around the middle of April to schedule the first interview after you have completed all above steps to apply.