Groups are the best place for sustained life change to happen. A group gives everyone a chance to know and to be known by others and have an opportunity to be discipled and become all God has planned for our lives.


Home Groups

First and foremost, we are devoted to gathering together at our weekend services to hear God’s message, to engage in worship and to give. We are then equally devoted to gathering in homes and talking about how to apply the message we just heard into our lives … and to do it surrounded by friends who are also pursuing God.


Freestyle Groups

We are designed for relationship. But meaningful community is not always easy to find. Freestyle Groups create space for us to find family and experience God through the things that interest you. Whether it’s running, rock climbing, or reading, find a group that works for you!


Online Groups

We want you to be connected to the church body regardless of whether you’re able to meet in person or not. Check out one of our online groups to connect with people both locally and around the world.

Weekly Recap & Study

All new groups go through the Group Weekly Study which follows the current message series at Red Rocks Church. The Weekly Study is simply a tool that promotes conversation, deeper discussion, and helps guide a group through the material, written by the pastoral staff each week. Sometimes getting together with a group of people to talk about God can be awkward. This helps smooth that out and keeps groups on the same page by first watching the sermon recap and then going through the Weekly Study together.

Recaps & Studies

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Find a Group

Here at RRC, our primary way of getting people into groups is through our Group Launches. At Group Launch, new people are able to meet leaders from all over the Denver-metro area and choose the group that would best fit their current stage of life. We encourage every group to invite others to join at any time throughout the year.

In between Group Launches, we encourage everyone to check out our Open Groups List in order to find a group to join. Please reach out to a leader in your area to see if the group’s date and time work! We so value this process and the opportunity to invest in finding community!

Home GroupsFreestyle GroupsOnline Groups

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Become A Leader

Groups are at the heart of community at Red Rocks Church. This is where our church family is really discipled, but it doesn’t happen without Group Leaders. If God is calling you to lead a group, we invite you to find out what being a group leader is all about by completing the online Group Leader Orientation (Part 1) by selecting your campus below.

Host a Group


Our Group Staff is passionate about community, and the work that God chooses to do through groups. The Groups Director is responsible for the development of training and curriculum, along with developing and supporting the Group Ministry Leaders who oversee all the Group Leaders and group attenders at each campus. Our Group Team is truly that; a team that works together to build one church through discipleship in multiple locations.

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